Memorial of Saint Martin of Tours

First Scripture Reading
Wisdom 7: 22b - 8: 1
Gospel Reading
Luke 17: 20 - 25

Opening Prayer

I love to read and reflect on Your Wisdom – She seems to be Your best side, Holy God!  She is awesome, gentle and permeates everything.  She is like Your fingerprints all over, touching, soothing and stretching.  I love the way “she passes into holy souls from age to age; she produces friends of God and prophets.”  She does establish Your presence and reign within us, in gentle, overwhelming ways.  Sometimes, I look for You elsewhere, Lord.  Help me to believe that Your reign is already within.  Quiet me to sit still with You and listen.  As Jesus faced rejection, misunderstanding and suffering, keep me faithful in the dark times of confusion!

Thank you for St. Martin. He had such a love for the poor and believed in the power of gentleness as the only true strength. He was especially gentle with those who differed with him and the Church. Help me to believe, like Martin, that kindness and humility are powerful. Give me his spirit when I meet difficult people today.

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