Memorial of Saint Josaphat

First Scripture Reading
Wisdom 13: 1-9
Gospel Reading
Luke 17: 26-37

Opening Prayer

Lord Jesus, St. Josaphat tried to bridge and heal the brokenness of your Body, the Church.  I need your help to heal your broken Body today.  Give me your Wisdom, Word and power not to fracture more your Body by making judgments which exclude or hurt or by behaviors which damage the dignity of others.  InSpirit me with humility so that when I am feeling high and mighty, I can look at you, the King of the whole universe.  Give me the Wisdom to use whatever power and authority I have over others to create your reign.  Teach me again that power is service.  You were on your knees washing feet, despite being the Lord of creation.  I also am sorry for the many times I do not say thanks for everything you do for and within me.  I’ve come to take your ever-present friendship and presence for granted.  I’m sorry.  And I am grateful, even for the breath you breathe into me right now. 

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