inter1Through the intercession of St. Therese, the lives of many people have been permanently changed. Her love for us is immeasurable, and her intervention often leaves us with gratitude and appreciation. The following experiences of intercession are examples of how St. Therese continues to "shower her roses" upon us.

How has St. Therese interceded in your life?

  • Richard Reyes
    United States
    Dec 30, 2017

    “I was sitting alone in my house one day just thinking and contemplating when St. Therese and her prayer for a rose entered my mind. I said "St. Therese, the Little Flower, pick a rose from the heavenly garden and send it to me with a message of love." A few days later my wife brought home a beautiful picture of a red rose with a caption "Love is Forever" at the top. I had forgotten about my request until a few days later as I gazed at the picture until I suddenly realized what had happened. I stood there in awe. I believe, without a doubt, that this was no coincidence. I believe that St. Therese answered my prayer and I also feel a close attachment to her since that day.”

  • Yvonne Kusiima
    Dec 18, 2017

    “St Therese has interceded in my life in so many ways I feel like she is a mother to me I have received roses n my prayers have been answered. Once, when I knew I was going to a place which had roses, I secretly hoped her message would not come in an obvious way, and then I went to the bathroom and saw ROSE HANDWASH. I love saint Therese I feel blessed to have found her. I love you my Therese. I hope that all my children and I can travel to the Basilica of Saint Therese of Lisieux in France one day and give thanks to her for guarding me us.”

  • Katherine Osburn-Day
    United States
    Dec 13, 2017

    “My son passed away two months ago, just 5 days after turning 24. Just yesterday, a friend had a car accident and was more upset by the loss of the car than the fact that her three children riding in the car were safe and healthy. I reminded her that I would give my car and everything I own to hug my son one more time. This morning, he appeared in a dream and I got that hug. There was a beautiful white rose in the dream (or vision). He said something I didn’t understand, but hugged me for some time. When I awoke immediately after he disappeared, I felt better than I have since his passing, as if a weight had been lifted from my chest and not so completely bereft. Because the rose made no other sense in the context, I believe it was St Thérèse’s intercession that made this gift of consolation possible.”

  • Margaret M
    United States
    Dec 6, 2017

    “I learned about the Little Flower when I was in elementary school. She has been my strength throughout life and I have been showered with roses over and over. About seven years ago one of my sons was diagnosed with clinical depression. He had been taking an exam for his firefighter certification. I desperately prayed to St. Theresa each time he failed. Finally, it was the last attempt to pass or he would not be allowed a position. As I sat at a church named after St. Therese and finished the rosary, the phone rang. It was my son saying he passed. I cried tears of joy. I am now praying for another son that lost his job. He recently passed certification exams with St. Therese's aid. He is now desperately searching for a job. I am praying to St. Theresa's intercession so he may move forward in his career and personal life. He is suffering. Take his hand as you always do.Roses will come!”

  • christine m
    United States
    Dec 6, 2017

    “Six years ago I had a vivid dream. The Little Flower told me to take care of myself. I awoke the next day and made an appointment for a mammogram. The appointment was for several months from that day. That afternoon, I got a call from the doctor's office saying they had a cancellation and I could come in that afternoon. I happened to have the time so I went in. They discovered a lump in my breast and it would have been a lot worse if I had waited. I truly believe the precious one interceded. She has been my guiding light since I chose her for my confirmation saint in 1968. Thank you, Saint Therese! I have been cancer free for five years!”

  • Shine T
    Dec 5, 2017

    “There have been many times when St. therese has interceded in my life, when I’m lost and in need of assurance. I had a troubled youth, and was pregnant at 19 and was lost. One night, as I was praying her novena, something fell from the altar. It was a rose corsage from my mom’s altar...there was no wind or movement that would have caused it to fall. Since then I knew she was listening- even to a person like me who was a troublemaker! A few days ago, I started to ask for her help getting a job. Last night, I was watching a movie and there was a scene at chitch where they briefly showed a candle with St Therese’s image on it. A feeling of calmness washed over me... I felt her presence and knew she was listening. Anyways, I would be disappointed not to get the job but it’s almost besides the point. If I don’t get it, I almost feel ok, knowing she is always at my side.”

  • Tinisha Searle

    Nov 30, 2017

    “Saint Therese has helped me so many times , I'm am so thankful to have her in my life. Saint Therese thank you so much , I love you so very much. ”

  • Teresa Avery
    Nov 25, 2017

    “Saint Therese has helped me through some very tough times .I continue too ask her for graces and help that I desperately need .She is a huge part of my daily life As well as God all mighty ”

    United States
    Nov 24, 2017

    “Once again I prayed to my St. Therese that surgery on my knee would be successful and recovery be good. She has helped me often during my times of surgery and I was hopeful again. After surgery and at my low point my daughter came to help with 12 yellow roses. I then knew my prayers were answered. Am doing well, progressing nicely. Thank you, sweet St. Therese.”

  • Antonia Cambareri
    United States
    Nov 17, 2017

    “My “little” miracle through the intercession of St. Therese may not compare to many of the profound stories others have but for me, it was a sign of her generosity and love for souls. A few weeks ago, I began saying the Rosary, asking for clarity and personal conversion. I also ordered a few sacramentals for myself from a Carmelite convent. Checking the tracking, it had been rejected by my post office and was en route back to Colorado! I tried to contact USPS customer service but did not have time to hold. I was prepared to contact the Sisters, explain the bizarre situation, and pay for re-shipment. I prayed to St. Therese, asking to have my order shipped back to me, not returned. I never expected her to answer me over a trifle. The package had departed NJ, several hours away and I assumed was going back to CO. When I came home from work tonight, the sacramentals had been delivered! ”