Opening prayer


St. Therese, beloved friend, we come before you in our need. We believe that you listen to us and approach God for and with us. Please accept these petitions, hopes, needs, and dreams I list below. Please present them to our Loving Father so that God may do what is best for us, for our loved ones, and for the fulfillment of God's Kingdom. We ask you, dear friend, with the bold confidence and loving surrender you taught us. We make these prayerful petitions in the name of Jesus and through the power of His Spirit.

Your Prayer:

  • Anonymous
    United States
    Jul 20, 2019

    “Dear St.Therese: I Salute and Honor You—- I pray for the help I need with finances at this time. Thank you ”

  • Jul 20, 2019

    “St. Therese please ask God to restore Rob's organ function so he will be well. Please allow Rob to be in good mental and physical health for years to come. Reduce the swelling in his leg and lungs. Please give him energy and strength. Please. Please remove Arlene's pain and bring happiness into her life. We need help. Please bring me a huge win so I can retire, I can't do this anymore. I want a few years of peace and comfort. Please I ask all of this in the name of Jesus Christ. Show me he is my father. Shower me with roses as a sign me life will improve. Speak to me. Thank you. Amen.”

  • Pcc
    United States
    Jul 20, 2019

    “Lord God please stop the earthquakes in California, protect my whole family, our health, finances, dwelling places especially our little house in the desert, pets, vehicles and possessions. Lord please cover us with Your Precious Blood. Thank you for your St. Therese for your intercession Praise God!!!”

  • Victoria
    United States
    Jul 20, 2019

    “St Therese please adopt me as your spiritual child storm heaven in constant prayer for me and shower me with roses and real confirmations sii along with the most PBJ ItPg HFJ JKAN, Jesus Eucharistic Lord, Jesus Divine Physician OLS, IHM SHJ, OLL OLMC OLGC OLGR OLGS OLF OLV OLMM Sts Pio Anthony Expedite Ann Cthn Alxdra Bishop Schmitt Arch Bishop Fulton Sheen Mother Angelica souls in purgatory all holy men and women in heaven and on earth St Dominic L DeMontfort Christopher Jude Rita Dymphna Basil More Michael Gabriel Raphael Avila TL MG Bosco Paul Peter Benedict Frcs Assisi Clare Lucy Martha John Baptist all guardian arch seraph cherubim virtues principalities thrones dominions pls adopt V as your spiritual child pray for V and all of V's intentions: Bless prt prvd gd heal rpnsh prtz imprvabdc V all V's incm prspty dtg Special Intentions Special INtentions Special Petitions & Petitions forgiveness thanksgivings love mercy ji special intentions Special Intentions Special Intentions and Petitions career fn sltxntl chl bks tmprl lgl =ykdmgmvfchlkstj4Viiisptl apt car V pmg&cndl DM OSST HSSptifvm love cp si gdlkdfcmm bhiii btpt hlg EMBSPHhgi, special intentions, souls in purgatory, reparation for V sin and sin in the world, peace and calm in our homes and USA, special intentions, calm, peace, peace of mind and body, healings, special intentions, lg cs tmprl sprtl dtg financial incms hdfslpdmmowhlwaaazawiivpidrpiirtmt siii fv mercies, mercy, peace, love, jsi, God mold V into who V is to be for God, find V's nitch, graces V needs most, special intentions, 20/20 vision, peace, krggsutgciftriprtyx sii fv mercies, special intentions, sell 7,000 books per year, safe travel mercy for V JJ SJ and all in WV and USA plus planet earth mercies, ctrl tongue, repi, special intentions, special intentions, love, clarity, understanding, stability, security, special intentions, level headedness, V's christian childrens books careers and dating to take off favors si, divine timing, special intentions, help V organize dci storage nwfrt whr dryer sii i fv mercies, love, special intentions 131ii fv, lglcs fviii fv, calm, special intentions, happy unions, prosperity si, good luck, good fortune, special intentions, love, special intentions, carpoolingsi, special intentions, heal the chatter of the mind sii and all in WV and USA si, love, purity, lower the temp ending the high heat and humidity, temps 72 in V community year round mercies, bless and provide for the poors in WV and USA ending the poors low self worths, modestyi, chastity, put the mind of Christ on all in WV USA and planet earth 365 days per year, conversions, desire of the two hearts, love, Mary and St Josephs intentions swap, love, dvn tmng si temporal and spiritual lg favors merciesi, special intentions, special intentions end all of Stns Pmps Works Evl Sprts pride impurity paganism worldliness secular leading astray eimisibipiha roving eye adultery lust sins of the flesh false idols coveting heat and humidity anger wrath revenge seeking homelessness in need poverty taking advantage of the poors insolence indifference ingratitude addictions macho jzbls greed malice murmmering dmns gdlsns wkdns Christian Persecution si leading astray bltg emotional abuse imtryi chldnsi wpns violences gns gangs vandelism collisions si bp eimisinipiha si swearing crs hxs gossip carousing imbibing rvg eye si ddly sn wmbs abtn cd abc pmr rp oppressing the poors si in V's community state of WV USA and on earth sii for honor of Infant of Prague and Holy Face of Jesus hail mary, etc. Amen. ”

  • United States
    Jul 20, 2019

    “St. Therese, Please guide me to the best way to fix my financial mess. I did not do the right things when I should have. Also please let my car run well and make it to next summer. Thank you . ”

  • ML
    Jul 20, 2019

    “To get well asap from my infection and laryngitis. For love, peace and happiness always.”

  • Dan
    United States
    Jul 20, 2019

    “Pray, please, for the repose of the souls of Helen and Ralph,Bea and Charlie and their son Paul, and for all of the souls that I have thought about praying for, including Arlexis Arguello and Aaron Pryor and Paula Kolbe and Janet Joering and Rick Burdick and all who I thought about praying for, and for the intention that my sisters and their families will return to the Sacraments and that Our Lord will heal the Church and lead all souls to Heaven. Thank you. ”

  • rmahn
    United States
    Jul 20, 2019

    “st therese st joseph help us please poor souls thanks”

  • suzi
    United Kingdom
    Jul 20, 2019

    “prayers for the repose of the soul of papang. may he rest in peace. amen”

  • Judy
    United States
    Jul 20, 2019

    “please pray that Amy loves Wes and forgives him so they will stay together as a couple. heal their relationship. Holy Spirit come in to Amy's heart to be with him again. Amen”