Time with Therese: Persevere in it

April 25, 2016 06:00 AM

Weekly Quote:
"Do all in your power to detach your heart from earthly cares… then be assured Our Lord will do the rest."
-Taken from Counsels and Reminiscences as her time as Auxiliary Mistress to the Novitiate

St. Therese was auxiliary mistress, responsible for helping with the formation of the novices at her convent. During a retreat she wrote a letter to one of the novices. In the note, Therese encouraged the novice to let go of earthly things because they do not matter.

St. Therese had deep trust and confidence in God, like a child has in its father. So, too, we must look to God as our father with confidence and trust. Let go of what is holding you to this world and let God work in you.

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