Time with Therese: Neither strength nor courage

May 9, 2016 06:00 AM

“I, who am but a little grain of sand, wish to set to work, though I have neither courage nor strength. Now this very want of power will make my task easier, for I wish to work for love."
-From a letter to her Sister, Celine, on February 28, 1889

St. Therese wrote this to her sister, Celine, on February 28, 1889.  In her letter, Therese expressed her desire to remain little. She refers to herself as a “little grain of sand” because her desire was to remain meek and focus on her daily duties, where she was most effective in doing God’s work.

Therese never wanted glory for anything she did. Her desire was to do everything for the greater glory of God! Every dull task Therese performed in the convent was done with God’s loving power. Her main vocation in life was to love God, so every action she performed, big or small, was done with great attention to His presence.

While we might not always be thrilled to do our daily duties, let us remember that it is through God’s love that we are made capable of these actions.

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