Time with Therese: Imperfect and in need

October 17, 2016 06:00 AM

“How happy I am to see myself imperfect and in need of God’s mercy.”
-St. Therese, Her Last Conversations , July 29​

St. Therese suffered greatly from Tuberculosis. She entered the infirmary once her illness became too severe. Her sisters would come to visit her. They took record of the conversations they had with Therese and formed the book St. Therese of Lisieux: Her Last Conversations.

She said this quote on July, 29th, 1897 to her sister, Pauline. This night her condition worsen and received last rights. However, she lived until September 30th.

St. Therese understood that God’s mercy is endless. Let us always remember that His mercy is always given even though we are imperfect.

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