Time with Therese: How life passes

April 4, 2016 06:00 AM

"How quickly life passes ... Soon we shall all be reunited in heaven. I love these words of the psalms very much: “A thousand years in the eyes of the Lord are like yesterday that has already passed.”
–Letter to her Aunt Celine Guerin on December 28, 1888

St. Therese was writing to her aunt, Celine Guerin, on December 28, 1888 to wish her a happy New Year. In this letter, St. Therese reflected on the past nine months since she entered religious life at the Carmel in Lisieux. She couldn’t believe how fast those nine months had passed, but she reminded her aunt that our lives on earth are nothing compared to our eternity with God and our loved ones in heaven.

St. Therese believed in living each moment attentive to God’s love and presence. That is why when she was reflecting on how quickly her first nine months in the Convent passed, she immediately directed her thoughts toward God’s love and eternity. As you go through this week, be aware of God’s eternal presence in every moment.  Place your challenges and joys in God’s hands and be at peace.

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