St. Therese found consolation in preserving through a rigorous fast during Lent. The struggles she experienced throughout her short life brought her ever closer to God. The time St. Therese spent on this earth exemplifies the strength in the true love of God that suffering can open you to.

This Easter, take time to reflect on how God raised His Son Jesus from the tomb, revealing that nothing can separate you from God’s love.



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Please join us in the Carmelites five Easter Novenas of Masses beginning on Easter Sunday, April 21, 2019. Please use the space below to share the names petitions and prayers you would like us to remember in these Special Novenas.

In celebration of Christ’s Resurrection, I am offering you our beautifully designed Easter Cards.  Use these cards to share the joy we find in Jesus with your family and friends by sending them this special Easter greeting and gift of prayer.