Fr. Raul Maravi O. Carm. and Sr. Victoria posing with children who attend the pre-school run by the Carmelite Sisters of Corpus Christi in Trinidad & Tobago.


St. Therese’s mission was “To make God known and loved to the ends of the world.”

Today, her Carmelites are living out her mission. These holy men and women spread the word of God and devotion to St. Therese through their ministries, prayers, and education.

Your generosity helps the Carmelites provide services such as disaster relief, health care, faith development, sustainability programs, clean water, and elderly care to those in need all over the world!

In St. Therese's blessed footsteps, the Carmelites strive to bring God to those in need of grace, confidence, and loving kindness.

May our all-loving God look upon your quiet acts of love and kindness and reward you with His abundant grace! 

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