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Would you like to join our family of angelic messengers?

The Little Flower loved angels. She believed angels were everywhere!
The catechism taught us that angels are divine messengers. For St. Thérèse, they were a reminder that heaven is closely involved in our lives.

Yes, the Little Flower had much in common with angels. She herself became a divine messenger, a messenger of God’s love.

As a cloistered Carmelite nun, she was still able to deeply touch so many people through the letters and notes she wrote. She loved to write messages of hope, prayer, encouragement and consolation. She listened to the angel within her and poured out God’s love to others through her pen and paper.
You and I seek to follow the simplicity of her “little way” – that child-like faith and trust in God that overflows to love in action. One very practical way to imitate her might simply be to write notes to others, whether near or far.  The written word still has a special power beyond the spoken word. It lasts. It can be read and reread.It can touch the deeper part of the soul.  

As my own Mom and Dad got older and their memories seemed fragile, I came to realize that phone calls and messages were too soon forgotten. So l re-learned the art of writing them a letter or note – sometimes at the bottom of a cheerful card — saying once again what we might have shared on the phone. When I then visited, it was interesting to watch my folks read and reread sentences and sentiments from those letters and notes.

These simple gifts to help you be an angelic messenger after the heart of St. Thérèse—the Spiritual Message All Occasion Cards from the Society of the Little Flower.

Each card carries a message of grace from St. Thérèse, along with the message of confidence that they are being remembered in prayer by the Carmelites throughout the world.

Your own personal greeting and remembrance can be the icing on the cake, so to speak!

Would you also please send a gift to help the Carmelite missionary outreach and train Carmelite seminarians here and throughout the world through the Society of the Little Flower? You can then also be an angel of hope to those who have none.

Please give as generously as your heart moves you. Perhaps your little angel inside will encourage you to respond to our needs with great love and generosity.

Brighten someone’s day today with a card and a note. Be an angel messenger of love. Bring a smile to someone’s heart. God bless you.
Your friend in St. Thérèse,

Fr. Robert Colaresi, O. Carm


Your every gift of prayer, faith, and love to the Society of the Little Flower furthers the Gospel work of the Carmelites, and in that way, continues St. Therese's desire to go to the ends of the world, doing good.

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