St. Therese's Entry into Le Carmel

April 9, 2016 06:00 AM

On this day 128 years ago, April 9, 1888, our St. Therese entered into Le Carmel at Lisieux. After many trials and obstacles, God enabled her vocation of love. Here are some of her words on her calling:

“When thinking about all you had said, I felt that Carmel was the desert where God wanted me to go, also to hide myself. I felt this with so much force that there wasn’t the least doubt in my heart; it was not the dream of a child led astray but the certitude of a divine call… I wanted to go to Carmel for Jesus alone.”
-Story of a Soul

“I wanted to be a religious since the dawn of my reason, and I wanted Carmel as soon as I knew about it. I find all the aspirations of my soul are fulfilled in this Order.”
-Story of a Soul

“My desires were at last accomplished; my soul experienced a peace so sweet, so deep, it would be impossible to express it. For seven years and a half that inner peace has remained my lot, and has not abandoned me in the midst of the greatest trials.”
-Story of a Soul

“My little boat is having a lot of trouble reaching port. For a long time, I have seen the shore and I always find myself far off; but it is Jesus who is guiding my little boat, and I am sure that on the day when He wills it, it will be able to approach the port safely. Oh, Pauline, when Jesus will have placed me on the blessed shore of Carmel, I want to give myself totally to Him, I want to live no longer but for Him.”
-Letter to Pauline March 10-18, 1888

St. Therese, in 1888 your dream and call came true and you entered the Carmelite monastery. Help us to be patient and confident as we respond to Your voice calling us in the garden of our truth.

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