Time with Therese: Being with Him

July 4, 2016 06:00 AM

“I do not know what more I could have in Heaven than I already have on earth, except that I shall see God. As for being with Him, I am that always, even here on earth.”
Her Last Conversations, May 15

In her last months of living, St. Therese’s sisters wrote down the last conversations they had with her. This quote was written in “The Yellow Notebook” of Therese’s oldest sister, Pauline, on May 15, 1897.

St. Therese was in the infirmary with tuberculosis for a little under a month at this time. Her illness was worsening and she knew she would not be cured. Many of her conversations emphasized the abandonment to the will of God.

Therese saw everything as a gift from God. She sought Him in everyone and everything, even her illness. She found peace and consolation in knowing that God was with her, and that was all she needed. While she was here on Earth, she felt God in her life, and that was most important on Earth and in Heaven.

Therese had a complete abandoning of everything she wanted. Her desire was to accept whatever God had planned for her. In this case, His will for her was to be with Him in Heaven. We too must abandon our will and be in tune with what our Lord wants for us.

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