Time with Therese: Above our strength

July 18, 2016 06:00 AM

“Our Lord never asks sacrifices above our strength.”
-Letter to Monsieur l'Abbé on December 26, 1896

This quote is from a letter St. Therese wrote to a young priest on December 26, 1896.  St. Therese was known for sending letters on encouragement to missionaries serving in foreign countries. A young priest by the name of Fr. Maurice-Marie-Louis Bellière contacted Le Carmel convent seeking prayer and support and Mother Agnes chose St. Therese for this duty. They corresponded frequently until Therese’s death in 1897.

St. Therese discussed suffering and accepting God’s will in this letter. While we are asked to give up a lot, He never asks for anything more than we can give. St. Therese invites us to truly empty ourselves for the will of God. He knows our inner strength better than we do. God knows what we are capable of.

St. Therese found joy in this abandonment of self and encouraged Fr. Bellière to do the same.

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