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Whether you are considering donating to the Society of the Little Flower or are a longtime financial supporter, the following questions and answers have been compiled as a one-stop "donor reference guide." You can use it to get more information about contributing to our Carmelite ministry, learn how to better search our site, or simply update your personal information in our records.

I have changed my address. How should I update my records with the Society?

You may do one of two things to keep current in our database:

1) email, or
2) fill out the Update Personal Information form on the Web site

Whichever you choose, clearly indicate your old and new address.


How do I remove myself from SLF mailing lists and e-mail lists?

In this case, the person submitting the request should e-mail their full name and address in their e-mail correspondence to the link above so the Society can correctly update its database information.  E-mail addresses are typically removed within 24 hours.  It may, however, take 8 -12 weeks to be removed from our postal mailing list as selected mailings are done months in advance.

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I have specific questions about St. Therese and/or the Society of the Little Flower. Which site sections can I visit to find out more?

For frequently asked questions (FAQs) about St. Therese, click here. For frequently asked questions (FAQs) about the Society, click here.

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How can I search the Society of the Little Flower website?

Simply click here to go to the search page. (For better results, remember to use more keywords in the search field; the greater the detail you provide, the better chance you have of finding just what you seek.)

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I would like to contact the Society directly. How may I do this?

Click here to electronically submit questions or suggestions about the Society of the Little Flower web-site using our "Suggestions" form. If you prefer, you may call, write, or FAX us using the following information:

Society of the Little Flower
1313 Frontage Road
Darien, Illinois 60561

Phone: (800) 621-2806
Fax: (630) 968-9542

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Do the Carmelites have a Residential Living facility?

Yes, Carmelite Carefree Village is a Senior Living Community for adults 55 and older located next to the National Shrine of St. Therese in Darien, IL. Visit to learn more about our unique and affordable living experience.

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