St. Therese once said, “In my Little Way, there are only very ordinary things.”

As friends of St. Therese, we take ordinary and everyday facts of life and seek to find Jesus present in them. Our inspiration remains in the image of the Little Flower with roses surrounding the crucifix she bears – the suffering of Jesus has become the glory of the Risen Lord. Within darkness, there is glory and His presence.

You too can live out the “Little Way” of St. Therese.

Our Little Flower Prayer Pouch is a beautiful daily companion made for that small place where inspiration can be renewed. This pocket-sized pouch opens up to reveal an image of St. Therese, a gold medal, and a simple prayer for her intercession. I would be happy to send you one for a donation of $4 or more.

You can carry this spiritual support companion with you throughout the day. Let is serve as a reminder that Jesus is always present with, around, and within you.

As a friend of the Little Flower, you have a special place in the hearts and prayer of the Carmelites.

You enable us to bring the “Little Way” of St. Thérèse to others in our teaching and works of mercy. We depend on you to be fellow missionaries with us, to support us by your prayers and generosity.


Receive this Crystal Rose as a gift for a Feast Day Donation of $25 or more made through our website.

While supplies last.