St. Therese Intercessions

If you would like to share with us a special time when you felt St. Therese's intercession in your life, please tell us.

Through the intercession of St. Therese, the lives of many people have been permanently changed. Her love for us is immeasurable, and her intervention often leaves us with gratitude and appreciation. The following experiences of intercession are examples of how St. Therese continues to "shower her roses" upon us.

St. Therese


I am writing of a prayer answered through the intercession of St. Jose Maria Escriva and St. Therese of Lisieux While I have been praying the Novena For Work in the past years on and off, it was only this year that I prayed with persistence and perseverance. We have a financial breakdown due to my recent husband's surgery. During this past 3 months I would say the Novena over and over, after the 9th day back to first day. Also, I have been applying for a job at the State of NV for 8 years since 2008. I was called by the NV State-run psychiatric hospital for an interview on Sept. 17, 2014. Back to my current job after the interview, I saw roses on my desk. Totally was given by my boss for no other reason but just to make me feel happy. She did not know I was applying for another job. It was then that I remembered the promise of St. Therese that she will send a sign, "roses that she has heard my prayer and it is now in the hands of God". I was speechless, teary-eyed and do not know what to say. All along I thought she forgot about me. She made my boss an instrument of good news. On October 9, 2014 I was offered the job and I will start my employment with the Rawson-Neal psychiatric hospital on October 27, 2014 -the same day St. Josemaria Escriva entered a psychiatric hospital to sought refuge during the Spanich civil war. I could not believe the flowing of grace with tears in my eyes but only felt to kneel down, bow my head in front of the altar of the Blessed Sacrament in Thanksgiving.
United States
- Thursday, January 8, 2015 at 11:53AM

I have felt an affinity for St. Therese for many years. I have a cousin named after her, Teresa Rose. In 1997, I donated several copies of "The Story of a Soul" I purchased on a bulk order to the Eucharistic Adoration Chapel Reading Room on my church grounds. Long story short, they're all gone. People must have needed to keep them. I found four while cleaning my office and donated one more on a wooden display (as used to display porcelain collector plates). IT has been missing for more than a month - with the wood pedestal! So, I googled and found four used books of that version, free shipping @ less than $3.50, donated them. I put printed stickers requesting their return to the reading room and left a note requesting that the wood display not be removed. I left them on St. Therese' 142nd birthday, January 2, 2015! So far, all is well! One fellow to whom I had given the book as a gift called me 2 weeks afterward and announced that the book had touched his soul and changed his heart! She's an incredible wonder...I was moved to share...When I had finally read her autobiography in 1997 I was "blown away." I am sure she put it in my heart to share her book... I have to share one more story: I painted the most beautiful rose I had ever done in 2000 for the 75th anniversary of the canonization of St. Therese. I left it at the St. Therese of Lisieux Church in Sherborn, MA, anonymously. People had to file by the statue of the Miraculous Medal with the card displayed next to it into another room for a get-together that day...The "oohs" and "aah" were wonderful. I pray St. Therese will be mindful of me in my daily challenges, struggles and loss...and of the loved ones I pray for daily...I often smelled the scent of roses at the Sherborn church where I joined a Saturday Rosary Recital in the late 90's...I know she remembers me... Sorry these accounts are so lengthy...but I have been close to her since I was a child...
United States
- Wednesday, January 7, 2015 at 9:37PM

Thank you, St Therese, on this your birthday in 2015, for all the things you have done in my life. I have had difficulty with siblings and co-workers at various times. I have been moving house and found the books written about you, "The Love That Keeps Us Sane" by Marc Foley, OCD and "Shower of Heavenly Roses" by Elizabeth Ficocelli, two treasures besides of course, your autobiography "Story of a Soul" by John Clarke, OCD. There are many others I've read. Just two days ago on Christmas Eve, I ran across these two books and re-read the book by Mark Foley. Clearly, I needed to re-learn what I've learned in 2000 and 2001 and all ensuing years. For the car crash of Christmas 2000 was a blessing, I was down in bed but my soul soared to the heavens when you came to visit me in the hospital, as I lay helpless unable to do the most basic things. You "fetched" the head nurse to come and help me and that shocked me that "God could be so fast in answering a whispered prayer"--He used you as an instrument to bring heaven to earth. Whereupon the nurse asked me later what kind of perfume I am using, as I had no roommate. That shocked me even more, then walking feebly from the nurses' station back to my room after my "obedience" to the nurse's instruction to take my pain meds, it dawned on me (and it was dawn time) that it was You who came and gave us your heavenly roses perfume! It was your whisper to remind me, "Josephine, you're a Christian, call God for help" and I did because again, being in extreme pain, I was surprised that I forgot to call on God to help me. Today, being your birthday and thank You, God, for sending us St Therese as our teacher and guide; here again, difficulties with one particular sister are presented and the very books about you I needed to read are giving me some answers. Thank You! Happy Birthday, Little Flower!
United States
- Friday, January 2, 2015 at 12:47PM

I chose St. Therese as my confirmation saint 40 years ago because I admired her story and her title of Little Flower. I shamefully admit to losing sight of her all of these years, until recently when my 27 year old daughter was diagnosed with Stage IV Colon cancer which had metastasized to her left ovary. I have always been a spiritual person and prayed. But, I have never prayed as hard as I have since learning of my daughter's illness. I have a rose bush in memory of my deceased father. All summer it had only bloomed with one or two blooms after the deer had eaten on it. In late November, after two frosts, my husband pointed out that it had amazingly blossomed with eight beautiful roses, though the leaves were all dormant. I did not connect this to my patron saint until a friend of mine told me she had been praying novenas to Saint Therese for my daughter. I looked up and found I started to read about her and it finally hit me! My dear Saint Therese had not forgotten me even though I had forgotten her! Chills and tears overtook me! My prayers have been directed to her for intercession to God. I truly believe she has touched me. We learned last week, my daughter's cancer is contained and the surgeons were able to get it all. She will go through 6 months of chemo to be sure no cells are lingering, but she is going to be ok. This is my Christmas Miracle. I am forever deeply dedicated to Saint Therese. I promise to spread her works daily by showing extraordinary love through ordinary deeds. Love you Saint Therese with my entire soul. Thank you so very much!
United States
- Thursday, December 25, 2014 at 1:14PM

I was having very dark times the last few days. The Lord gave me the man that I've always prayed for. But because of my selfishness, I hurt the man that gave me unconditional love. He got so mad at me and stayed away from me. His absence made me realize how foolish I am. With this, I seek the help of our dear st. Therese. I've been hearing very good deeds done by her but never really asked for her intercession. But I was so desperate and very lonely, God inspired me to seek her help. With confidence, I went to her for help. But on the 6th day of my novena, I was starting to feel discouraged. I've never seen any signs to my prayer. But during the day, I was wheeling a patient out of the hospital (I work as a CNA). When all of a sudden, my eyes caught a car with big BOSTON plate. My friend's hometown. That brought tears to my eyes. I shared it to my mom and she convinced me to finally swallow my pride and talk to him. He took time to listen. I apologized and asked for another chance. He is still contemplating on it. But I know, with God's grace and continuous intercession from St. Therese, St. Jude and our Holy Virgin Mary, we'll continue to heal and accept each other's diffferences and imperfections. And may we have the strength to face difficulties in our relationship. I love you st. Therese, St. Jude and Mama Mary.. praise to you Lord Jesus Christ..
United States
- Tuesday, December 23, 2014 at 3:12AM

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