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Friends of the Society of the Little Flower play an important role in continuing the mission of St. Therese. As a Carmelite, St. Therese wanted to "preach the Gospel on all five continents until the consummation of the ages." Today, through the generosity of many like you, the Carmelites are continuing the work of St. Therese. Whether it is staffing a parish, serving as an overseas missionary, conducting retreats, teaching children, or offering Mass and prayers, the message of God's love grows stronger every day. With your help, the Carmelites become the hands and voice of God, touching people in need. God wants each of us to be good stewards: after all, everything we have is really God's. 

Simply put, a Planned Gift is a technique that helps you maximize the personal benefits of your charitable giving, while also allowing you to make a gift that you might not have thought was possible. This is accomplished by following the charitable incentives that have been placed in the federal tax laws. Planned Gifts are a way to make significant gifts, and also enjoy the benefits of these laws. Planned Gifts are a valuable tool for sharing the resources you have been blessed with while also enhancing your financial situation and security.

A properly designed Planned Gift can help you achieve some of the following goals:

  • Help the Carmelites continue the mission of St Therese
  • Provide yourself with income during your lifetime
  • Convert low-yielding investments into a source of higher income
  • Eliminate or reduce capital gains taxes
  • Generate a significant federal income tax deduction
  • Eliminate or reduce federal estate taxes

Through these and other benefits, you may able to make an important gift and help continue the work of St. Therese.

Some of the Planned Gift options available you include:

A Legacy of Roses


Gifts through a Will or Trust

You may instruct that either a specific amount or a specific percentage of your estate be given to the Society. You may do this in a new will or by adding a codicil (supplementary instructions) to your existing will. For many people, a gift made through a will or trust is the most common way to make a major gift. This is particularly attractive if you are unable to make a significant gift at this time, but would like to contribute to the Society in a meaningful way. Property including cash, stocks and bonds, jewelry, works of art, and real estate may be given through a will or trust. Through estate planning provisions, you may leave to the Society of the Little Flower a specific dollar amount (for example, $50,000), a specific percentage (such as 25%) of the estate, or you can state that the Society of the Little Flower is to receive the residue of your estate after provisions for all other beneficiaries have been made. Your bequest may be made in honor, or memory, of a loved one. All outright bequests to the Society of the Little Flower are exempt from federal estate taxes.

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Charitable Gift Annuities

For over 50 years, Society of the Little Flower gift annuities have provided a safe, dependable source of fixed income for donors, while also helping them minimize their annual tax liability, and providing a charitable income tax deduction in the year of the gift. A Charitable Gift Annuity is very simple to create, and can be established for an amount of $1,000 or more. You may also make a gift to the Society and obtain a "double annuity" which are guaranteed payments by the Society of the Little Flower to you and another person (spouse, child, brother, sister, etc.) for as long as either one of you lives. All gifts donated for the creation of a Charitable Gift Annuity are added to the St. Therese Endowment Fund. 

Endowment, Your Own

Do you want to leave a legacy that will live as long as St. Therese is remembered? As long as there are Carmelties serving the Church? You can establish an endowment that will be a permanent gift generating income each year for the Carmelites' service to the people of our Church. The endowment can be named after you, your relatives, or your family.

For more information about gift annuities, please visit the following:

Commonly asked questions about Charitable Gift Annuities

Annual payout rates for a one-life Gift Annuity

Gifts of Appreciated Stocks, Mutual Funds, and Bonds

Stock, Mutual Funds, and Bonds and can be given, often with considerable tax savings to you. You need not sell them. The Society will do all of the work. Gifts of long-term appreciated securities have the same positive benefit to the Society as a gift of cash, but are much more beneficial to you. For securities held longer than one year, you receive a charitable tax deduction for the full Fair Market Value of the securities, and both you and the Society are exempt from the capital gains taxes. If the charitable tax deduction cannot be completely used in the current year, the excess may be carried forward for up to 5 additional years. Gifts of appreciated securities are an excellent source for creating a Charitable Gift Annuity. 

Gifts of Real Estate

A gift of a personal residence, farm, vacation home, or other type of real estate can provide another way of making a donation to the Society of the Little Flower. With an outright gift, you can avoid capital gains taxes on the property and receive an immediate charitable tax deduction based on the Fair Market (appraised) Value of the property. If you are considering leaving your house to the Society in your will, you might consider making the gift now, while retaining the right to live in your house for the rest of your life. This type of gift is called a "Retained Life Estate" and provides a significant current income tax deduction, without changing your lifestyle. Please note: potential gifts of real estate are evaluated on a case-by-case basis before being accepted. 

Gifts of Life Insurance

You can turn your old life insurance policies into gifts to the Society in different ways, such as naming the Society of the Little Flower as beneficiary or utilizing its cash value. More options are also available. 

Charitable Remainder Trusts

There are many different charitable trusts. Each one is tailored to fit your objectives, whether to provide income now, to provide a legacy for your grandchildren, or avoid inheritance taxes. Whatever your long-term goals, a trust may be the answer. A charitable remainder trust is a personalized life income gift that provides you with lifetime income and a charitable income tax deduction. As the creator of the trust, you select the payout rate and the trustee. If the trust is established with appreciated property, the related capital gains tax is avoided. When a Charitable Remainder Trust is created, the assets placed in the trust are removed from your estate and are not subject to estate taxes. After your death, the remainder of the trust is then distributed to the Society. 

IRA Gift

Unsure of what to do with your IRA? You can make the Society the beneficiary, in effect, donating the IRA to the Society. 

Designated Gift

Do you have a special interest? Is it the missions? Is it the seminarians? Is it the cloistered nuns? Is it the liturgy? Whatever it is, you may give a gift restricted to a specific Carmelite activity. 

Outright Gift

Of course the simplest way to advance St. Therese's "little way" is to make an outright gift of cash. Gifts of $1,000.00 or more can be made for specific Carmelite activities, programs, and projects. 

As an important part of the Carmelites, the Society's Office of Planned and Major Gifts is here to help you. We would be happy to provide you with sample language, tax calculations, and informational literature. Since our information and calculations are only intended to serve as a general guide, we would be very happy to meet with you and your advisor by phone, or in person.

You may call us toll-free, 1-888-996-1212 and we will be happy to answer any questions you might have, provide you with sample calculations, or help you with your application. We believe that you should have all the relevant information necessary to make an informed decision. We are here to serve you!